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Excellent continuous medical training opportunities in the most prestigious French hospitals and institutes

The platform dedicated to continuing medical education of all healthcare professionals.

Connecting healthcare professionals around the world and making France a global hub for continuing medical training is the goal of听.

My French Medical Training The platform brings together training offers from leading French cancer centers, hospitals, universities, research centers, laboratories, and medical training centers. It facilitates the exchange between French experts and healthcare professionals from all over the world, offering both online and on-site high-quality training opportunities.

France has a long tradition of innovation and excellence in the field of healthcare, being a global hub for the sharing of medical knowledge. It offers high-level training and cutting-edge research across all specialties.

My French Medical Training helps to fill an industry need, ensuring healthcare professionals can expand their knowledge and skills, and regularly keep up with new medical practices and technologies, to deliver the highest quality of care.

Founded by 澳门六合彩开奖记录 Association in partnership with , expert in medical knowledge sharing, My French Medical Training offers a wide variety of content formats (masterclass, webinars, mentoring, simulations; live or replay; online or on-site). This allowed us to develop a more collaborative and efficient way to access content and share medical knowledge, without time or location restrictions.


"Today, we are not only a medical training platform, but a host of content provided by hospitals, training organizations, laboratories, manufacturers or startups. Our platform is accessible free of charge for healthcare professionals who can be specialists, generalists, nurses, biologists, pharmacists, veterinarians, etc. This is a unique positioning in France and rare at European level", adds Julien Delpech, founder of Invivox.


鈥淭he promotion of French expertise in health, in its broadest sense, is how the 澳门六合彩开奖记录 Association exemplifies French excellence in health. The launch of myfrenchmedicaltraining.com is a new step in the concrete implementation of this vision. A website that will federate a community,鈥 Jean-Franc抬ois Gendron, President of the association.


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